Finding the best office chair doesn’t have to be a daunting task. There are many different kinds of places to look for one, including big box stores that sell everything and the stores that specialize in all types of chairs. Some things to consider while looking for the best chair for your purpose are the size of your budget, what type is needed, and the expected lifespan of it.

best office chair

Chain Stores

If time is an issue and a chair (or chairs) need to be purchased immediately, it is possible to purchase a simple office chair from any number of large chain stores. Generally these stores will have a few different types ranging from plain task chairs with little support to simple mesh chairs and possibly even some with basic ergonomic support. The benefits of choosing to purchase from a large chain store are convenience of location, reasonable prices, and the ability to choose something quite basic but also having the option of a lower end ergonomic model. A problem with purchasing from a big box store may be that the lifespan of the office chairs may be significantly reduced because of the quality of mass produced items. These chairs are not produced to withstand heavy daily use, they are more for a home office or computer room type of setting, perfect for light daily use and minimal day-to-day wear and tear.

Office Furniture Stores

For consumers with some time and a decent budget, visiting a store that is specific to office furniture could prove to be a success. Stores that specialize in office furniture and chairs will offer more of a variety as well as quality that ranges from low to very high. In these stores, consumers will find the basic types such as task and mesh chairs, as well as many types of ergonomic office chairs and larger executive styles. More than likely the store also provides samples of these chairs on the sales floor so that the consumer may try them out and get a feel for their investment. The selection provided by these stores coupled with the knowledge of the employees can aid the customer in choosing the best office chair for their needs.

Custom Made

An option that may seem obscure would be to have a bespoke office chair made. Having this done would ensure that the chair being purchased is exactly what the consumer wants. In all honestly, this may be considered more of an investment than a regular purchase of furniture. It may be customized completely to the person, ensuring support on the seat, for the back, and arms while having controls to position the height and tilt. Investing in a custom made office chair will not only make sitting more comfortable, but it may also help improve the user’s posture over time. It can facilitate being mindful of a straighter back and better sitting position overall.


No matter where the chair is being purchased, it is important for the consumer to be aware of their own budget, their needs, and how long they intend on using it. It would not be wise to purchase a simple task chair if the user will be sitting in it every work day for 8 to 11 hours. This will cause strain in many areas including the back and shoulders and lead to permanent damage. On the other hand, it is not completely necessary for someone that spends an hour or so in their home office each week to invest in a completely customized type. The chairs exist on a spectrum the same as each user’s needs.

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