Some people may think it is an awful small problem to have, but it is a necessity in the commercial world, especially for those that are running businesses. These individuals spend a lot of time sitting at their desk working, planning, and thinking, thus they need a comfortable office chair. Some of these people spend every day that they work bound in these chairs, the least they could ask of the chairs is to be comfortable.

Executive office chair

Time Spent in Chair

Unlike many office workers, the executives of companies don’t really turn off and stop working. Many days and nights are spent at their desks making deals and thinking of new ideas. This outrageous time spent in the chair could lead to problems physically if the right chair is not utilized. These chairs should be ergonomic, meaning that they are designed to support the back and lumbar, neck, and arms with an adjustable height and tilt. Spending a huge length of time in a chair that does not have this physical support will make the user uncomfortable at the very least. Office chairs like ergonomic models are great for providing support needed for the lumbar and neck, as well as encouraging good posture when sitting.

Sends a Message

Having a large Executive style chair sends the message to anyone entering the office that this person is the boss and spends so much time at work that their chair has to be top notch. A high back and neck support, with oversize arm rests and an overall demanding presence will not only have the physical support that the user needs, it makes a statement. While meeting with clients in their office, the chair that an executive uses should indicate that they spend a lot of time making deals in that area. If an executive uses a chair that they have designed themselves, this can indicate what kind of personality they embrace. A bold chair may indicate a no-nonsense type of person, while an eclectic type may signal a more laid back personality.


Although executives spend so much time at their desks (the majority of the time working), they also need little time now and again to relax. Their chair needs to be able to provide the support needed for working at the desk, but must also be able to be changed to a relaxing position. These types of chairs will have a lever under the seat that adjusts the height, as well as a lever that can adjust the tilt of the back. These ergonomic chairs can not only provide the support for their body, but can be a simple escape from the rigidness as well. A fully adjustable office chair is the answer to this problem and can be found fairly easily.


Every person working in an office needs a good and supportive office chair. Spending a prolonged period of time in one that does not provide support can lead to many physical problems, including neck, back, and shoulder pain. Specifically, executives need a good office chair because they have more time, money, and brain power invested in their company. They more than likely spend countless days, nights, and weekends at their desks working as well as meeting clients in their office. Their chair needs to send a message of power, but not aggressiveness while still providing the comfort and support that they will need in order to be comfortable sitting for these extended periods of time. For the times that this person needs to relax, having an adjustable office chair can provide an easy way to transition from work to relaxation in a quick minute.

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