Once a consumer has decided that they need a new office chair, it may be difficult to think about anything else, especially if they spend a considerable about of time in that chair. There are many different types of office chairs on the market for all different types of needs and budgets. However, minimal research should be done before taking the dive—ending up with the wrong type or style of the chair could result in unnecessary pain for the user. Thinking about setting a budget is a very important step, this lets the user become aware of what type of store to start shopping at and what type of chair can be afforded. A simple task chair will not cost near as much as a bespoke ergonomic chair, but there are quite a few options in between the two that can suit any budget and any style.

How to Choose an Office Chair


The first thing a consumer should think about when pondering purchasing a new office chair is their budget. If they are looking for a quick buy and one that won’t be used long or for long periods of time, there are many budget-friendly options available. There are simple task chairs available from big box stores for as little as $20, and purchasing a custom office chair could cost anywhere from a couple hundred dollars up to even thousands, completely depending on the intricacy and the materials. Some consumers would be more comfortable spending somewhere in the median, investing in a chair that they can use long term, but will also provide the support needed to ensure healthy posture.


Consumers should consider what type of office chair will complete their needs the best. A few things to consider when thinking about the style would be how long they will be sitting in it, what it will be used for, and where the chair will be going. All of these things go hand in hand, for instance a work office chair will need to have more ergonomic support since the user will more than likely be sitting from anywhere between 8 and 11 hours, as a home office chair that is not used as long can get away with a little less support if it is being used for only a few hours every week.


Another thing that should be considered when preparing to purchase a new office chair is how long the user wants it to last. The higher quality the office chair is, the longer it will last—thus it will end up costing more than a simple task chair. Higher quality materials will result in a longer life of an office chair if the chair is used properly. The consumer should weigh the amount of time that they will spend in the chair with the length of time that they wish for the chair to last.

All in All

With all things considered, it should be said that a lower cost office chair will more than likely have a shorter lifespan if used for many hours each day, and an expensive higher quality chair will be able to withstand the regular use and will provide a greater quality of support for the necessary body parts. The user’s needs, as well as office chairs, exist on a spectrum, and the user should consider this while shopping. It would not be wise to purchase a cheap task chair to be used 8 or more hours a day each workday. On the other hand investing time and money into building a completely customized office chair to be used just a few hours a week would not be a great investment too.

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